Fourth Generation can provide rental generators for all temporary power applications and locations. From 16 kW to multimegawatt.

We have worked hand in hand with leading industry partners to develop an elite standard of equipment for our generator inventory.

The FG 440 kVA Twin Pack Generators were custom built for us in 2007 and designed specifically for the entertainment and special event industry. Incorporating Volvo Penta marine engines and Stamford alternators with Woodward electronics, they have been built with special attention paid to size, noise level and technical specifications. Weighing less than 12000kg (including a full fuel tank) and housed in a 20ft ISO sea container, these generators can be transported by aircraft, sea and/or travel by road. Mounting two on one 40ft trailer, allows for 1,400 kW of prime power (at 50 cycles) or 1,680 kW (at 60 cycles).

Using the latest in sound insulation and muffler design, these machines operate at below standard noise levels.

All engine controls and voltage regulation are digitally controlled and allow for multi voltage and frequency output at the touch of a button. The isochronous load sharing and paralleling technologies are state of the art and guarantee a redundant power supply. This ensures a fail safe production; should one engine shut down, the other will automatically assume the full load therefore providing a seamless back-up solution.

This technology also provides the flexibility of single or multiple generator operation and enables other generators to be added to the system.

The latest additions to our fleet are the FG 500 kVA Generators. Hot off the production line in August 2008, these generators are housed in a canopy and custom designed and built once again for the entertainment market. Incorporating all the same performance features as the Twin Packs but in a single set, they can run independently whilst also being the perfect stable mate to run in conjunction with the Twin Packs and other 500 kVA generators.

Fourth Generation units conform to European Directive 97/68/EC, as last amended by Directive 2002/88/EC.

With regard to the USA, the units conform to section 213 of the Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. section 7547) issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Additionally conforming to Executive Order U-R-014-0090 within the State of California.

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